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2764 Pleasant Rd, Ste A850 , Fort Mill , SC 29708
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About Us

Imagine always having a techie in your corner, thinking ahead on tech issues so they don’t catch you by surprise, always asking the questions you didn’t know to ask, educating and empowering you, and advocating for your business best interests. This is how CLT Geek operates. Through our Concierge Business Support Services, we not only become your problem solver, we also become your advocate with tech vendors and strive to help your business be more profitable. CLT Geek recognizes the most healthy form of business is the triple bottom line – social, environmental, and financial. Our recommendations, solutions and products will always consider all three. Clients of CLT Geek can also take advantage of our relationship with Zero Markup Printing, for true wholesale cost business cards, banners, postcards, flyers, and more.